हमारे विचारों का स्तर ही हमारी प्रसन्नता का स्तर निर्धारित करता है।

1. The capital city that stands on the river Danube is Belgrade.     2. GTICL - Gas Transportation & Infrastructure Co. Ltd.    
CampusMate ERP System

CAMPUS MATE will act as a companion of your organization. This software has been developed as a specialized product for academic institutions and universities. This product is an outcome of sincere efforts made by a team of computer professionals and has been implemented by collecting real time requirements of different institutions and detailed analysis. This software has been developed to overcome the problems/difficulties faced by various institutions effectively and it includes all the necessary functional requirements related to routine functioning of an institution. Being totally web based it even helps parents track the details of their wards attendance, marks in various house examinations, fee and fines etc. The parents can log on using their wards id with password allotted to them and track their wards performance.

CAMPUS MATE is capable of giving controlled access to various users like Management, Director, faculty members, Principal, staff, students etc. Users can access the software using their user id and password. User will be able to access the functionality of the software pertaining to them only. No one can over step his/her authority in using any feature of the software.

Salient Features

  • Web enabled and user friendly

  • Integrates all functional areas

  • Various useful MIS reports for Management, Principal/Director and HODs

  • Online viewing of timetable, date-sheet, scheme/syllabus, fee structure, study material, telephone directory, inspirational thoughts, calendar, leave records, notice board etc.

  • An effective internal email communication system

  • Dynamic creation of roles and responsibilities

  • Low investment with minimal hardware requirements

  • Error free and effortless working environment by inclusion of features like Automatic generation of Time Table, Date Sheet and Seating plan, Class adjustment, creation of round duty chart, Syllabus coverage option, setting and generation of question papers for sessional/internal exams, event management, Feedback option, Leave management, Library Management, Stores Management (Items database preloaded), HR Management, Training/Placement Management, Feedback System and many more.

  • Various Statistical tools for support.

  • Easy Backup Option.


Various Modules of CAMPUS MATE


  • Student Information System

  • Fees Management

  • Academic Management

  • Department Management

  • Store & Inventory Management

  • HR Management

  • Placement Management

  • Transportation Management

  • Hostel Management

  • Alumni Management

  • Security Management


  • Profile details

  • Fee details

  • Timetable details

  • Course/Scheme/Syllabus details

  • Study Material like Assignments/Tutorials/Papers etc.

  • Attendance detail

  • Internal Exam detail

    • Datesheet

    • Syllabus covered

    • Marks

  • External Exam detail

  • Inbox for notices and events

  • Placement support

    • Apply for drive

    • Get status for drive

  • Feedback submission

  • Hostel details

    • Mess Records

    • Diet detail

    • Diet Chart

    • Fee Detail

  • Transportation details

    • Vehicle detail

    • Route detail

    • Charges detail


  • Student profile with all relevant detail

  • Course/Scheme/Syllabus management

  • Examination management

    • Datesheet

    • Seating Plan

    • Duty Chart

    • Question papers

    • Marks submission

    • Result preparation/declaration


  • Timetable management

  • Faculty management

    • Class adjustment

    • Round duty chart

    • Update profile

    • Submit assignments/tutorial

    • Question bank

    • Submit syllabus covered before sessional exams

  • Attendance management

    • Submit Attendance

    • View attendance register

    • View useful reports

  • Exam/Marks (Internal) management

  • Inventory management


  • Company database management

  • Placement drives management

  • Student placement request management


  • Fee Structure

  • Student Fee deposit

  • Generation of receipts

  • Fee related reports


  • Vendors management

  • Items management

    • Quantities management

    • Status management

    • Barcode Labels Generation

  • Inventory management


  • Room allocation

  • Mess management

  • Staff management

  • Hostel maintenance management


  • Vehicle Management

  • Maintenance/fuel management

  • Route Charts

  • Staff management

  • Various useful reports


  • Staff Detail

  • Staff attendance management

  • Payroll management

  • Leave management


  • Alumni registration

  • Profile updation

  • Interaction with companies

Opportunities associated with CAMPUS MATE

  • Automation

  • End-to-end process management

  • Structured outputs

  • Strategic use of resources

  • Elimination of technical complexities

  • Roll based profile management with complete security

Strategic Advantages (Cost benefits)

  • Reduced Billing and Transaction Processing

  • Reduced Headcount.

  • Reduced and optimization of Inventory

  • Reduced in Lead Time

  • Reduced in Stationary and Paper work

Services offered by Prasanthi Software Solutions

  • Accelerated installation and implementation

  • Customization up to level serving needs

  • Knowledge transfer & training

  • User Manual

  • Online maintenance & support round the clock


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